Sunscreens Ineffective Against Skin Cancer

Just recently, a study was published showing that sunscreens cannot fully prevent skin cancer development. It was further stated that the said study was co-authored by Berta López Sánchez-Laorden.

Even sun protection factor (SPF) 50 sunscreens cannot thwart the development of melanoma, according to the study. It further demonstrates that sunscreen is effective against sunburn but it cannot completely stop the radiation from penetrating and damaging the DNA cells and thus cause cancer.

Genetically modified mice were used. These mice were susceptible to melanoma. During the research, it was found out that the harmful ultraviolet light causes in p53 – the DNA of melanocytes in a gene. The said gene has great importance since it guards the genome, which is responsible in detecting and repairing cell damages.

Other epidemiological studies illustrate the relationship between the increased risk of melanoma and too much sun exposure. Sadly, the cause or how it happens still unclear.

Cancer Information

According to the April 2013 update of the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER), cancer prevalence in the United States alone shows that breast cancer is the leading cancer type that is developed among women and prostate cancer among men. Continue reading

Besides the Lungs, Other Organs Affected by Lung Cancer

Unfortunately for many sufferers, lung cancer is seldom diagnosed when it is in its early stages, and is usually only discovered by accident when either a routine chest X-ray, or a CT (computer tomography) scan is ordered by a doctor for another health issue. Some 25% of all lung cancer sufferers tend to show no signs of having lung cancer present, meaning that when the disease is eventually diagnosed, it is usually in its late and final stages. Other organs in the body at this stage have also usually been caused some degree of damage. This damage is usually permanent. Continue reading

High Quality Treatment for Prostate Cancer

There are well known and specialty clinics and medical centers that offer high quality prostate cancer treatment. These are dedicated clinics that are committed to proving excellent care and high quality treatment facilities to children, women, and men who suffer from urological problems. These clinics know that these are very sensitive medical conditions and so they promise complete confidentiality and privacy for the patients who come there. All the treatments are done in private clinics. It is always better if you make an appointment with these clinics before you go in for treatment. This way, you will be able to schedule a meeting with a doctor who is very experienced. Continue reading